Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life… And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

Steve Jobs

STANFORD Commencement Address, 2005.

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International student Sofia Avetisian, admitted to the Johns Hopkins University Class of 2027 highly recognized undergraduate program in Chemistry. She she received her admissions letter decision from Johns Hopkins, Sofia literally cried because this university was her dream for a number of years.

Sofia also got admitted into the University of Michigan.

I am very touched and happy as a teacher and grateful for my students! I just got a call from my student Inal, who is just finishing his Freshman Year at Boston University. Inal came to me very very late in the admissions process, in December. He had worked with another company and already applied to universities but he wasn’t happy with his essays at all. We rushed to re-write his Personal Statement from scratch and write supplemental essays for the few universities whose deadline had not yet passed.

I remember working on his essays during Christmas, while my family were happily having drinks in the other room, and also on Dec 31 and on Jan 1…… Inal messaged me to tell me that- after seeing that all his classmates at BU had higher SAT scores than him and had done more impressive research during high school- he realised it was the ESSAYS that we wrote together that had gotten him into BU!


SAT Result of my student Yulia, who got admitted into the University of Pennsylvania as a Business major, class of 2026.

Yulia had not gotten above 1450 in a number of efforts to take the test. After working together for a month, she passed the coveted 1500 boundary, which contributed to her success as an Ivy League applicant!

SAT score

SAT results of my student Elizaveta who came to me in September 2021 with a score of only 1000 on the SAT, after having prepared with other teachers and courses for months.

We only had ONE AND A HALF months to prepare. Through her rigorous dedication and our intensive meetings, Elizaveta raised her score by almost 500 points.

She got accepted into the University of Chicago as an Economics Major, class of 2026. 

Many students come to me. Some have lots of time, some are very short of time and come at the last moment. 

Some are somewhat motivated, others live and breathe for their goal of attending a prestigious US university. 

The students who are personally motivated always win. These are the students who make the most out of my guidance.

I was one of the students sitting 100 meters away from Steve Jobs during that Stanford Commencement in 2005.

I had been an international student at Stanford, admitted on a full scholarship in 2001. I had no one to help me with my applications, my parents didn’t know that I was even applying to the US, and I didn’t even have my own books so I had to go to the library every day and study very, very hard.

It is my dream to help bright and motivated students who have a vision and want to do something good for the world. I want to guide them so they don’t have to do it all alone. Dreams come true, and I hope they come true for you as well!


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