Sonya S. Petkova, M.A., M.Phil

Stanford University

B.A. English and political science


Columbia University M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D. comparative literature

As a Mentor with 20+ years of experience, I guide you to express your unique potential in your college applications.

95% of my students were able t0  successfully apply to one of their Top 3 university choices.



I work with passion.

I am 100% dedicated to the success of each student.

I offer world-class expertise.

Mastery of the SAT exam.

Mastery of Admissions Essays.

Expert in International student applications. 

Psychological and coaching expertise: I guide students undergoing confusion and psychological limitations to realize their potential and excel.

You Get TOP RESULTS in the shortest possible time.

Successful admission into top US and UK universities, such as Cornell, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Brown, Duke, NYU, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Georgia Tech, Cambridge University, University of Michigan, USC, Boston University, UC San Diego, Amherst, and many others.

Not sure what to write about in your essays?

I guide students to create the most compelling Personal Statement and Supplemental Essays that portray them as perfect candidates for their chosen schools.

I have developed a deep and effective interview method to get to the core of your personality and help you choose the most compelling topics.

how is working with me different

As a certified Life Coach, I also pay special attention to the mental aspect of the application process.

It is no secret that students– especially in the year leading to the applications– are excessively busy and exposed to internal and external pressure to succeed, stress, fear of failure, overwhelm, and other psychological factors and distresses.

My job as your teacher and consultant is not only to guide you academically, but also to ease your anxiety and prepare you psychologically for the exam.

Anxiety can impact your performance at the actual exam, regardless of excellent practice. It is crucial to feel confident, in control, and calm about taking the exam and submitting your college applications.

Studying with me is

I am fully committed to helping you reach your goals and maximum potential.
Therefore, I always invest 150% percent of my attention and care and because of that I am convinced in the value I provide
and I’m willing to guarantee it.
If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with any of your first 3 classes, I’ll refund the classes you have purchased in full.

the college master
the college master