“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

                                   William Arthur Ward

My services

My purpose as the consultant is to help the student clarify and express their authentic voice and uniqueness.

10 Benefits for students
from my guidance

Best essay strategies

  • Through a series of proven exercises and a deep conversation, we discover the best essay topic for each student. I find each student’s innermost passion, challenge, and fear.
  • I get students to trust me because I ask the right questions with compassion and genuine interest

Make the competition

  • I understand the unique individuality of each person. 
  • I teach students that the admissions process is NOT about competition but about expressing their true UNIQUENESS. if we achieve that, the competition becomes irrelevant

Psychological support

  • I help with calming student anxiety down; reduce the psychological pressure from taking exams and submitting their applications; i help them with the feeling of overwhelm.
  • I instil in students the feeling that everything is going to be OK. Students feel in SAFE HANDS: this feeling of being nurtured and secure is priceless in the competitive application process

Language mastery

  • I can craft the best possible essay structure that fits the topic and the message
  • I am a master of words: I can help the student craft the best possible sentences and phrases and fit the most information in 650 words

Organizational management

  • I help students with their study and writing organization
  • I oversee their schedule and help them to keep the deadlines


  • I make students feel understood
  • I help them to feel comfortable and genuinely enjoy the admission process



the college master
The college application is holistic. It does not depend on any one aspect but on the impression that you create as a person through the whole package.
I help you present yourself in the most persuasive way by highlighting your uniqueness, special gifts, interests, and strong points.Your application essays need to be genuine and authentic, and your application must reflect your strongest passions; at the same time, strategically positioning yourself/ marketing yourself in a way also presents a vital aspect of your application.
Whether you are a STEM candidate, a CS major wannabe, an Art or Literature person, I will guide you to create the most compelling application as well as choose the universities that are best suited to your talents and personality.As a former international student, both at Stanford University in California and Oxford University in the UK, I deeply understand the concerns and challenges for international students aspiring to study in the USA. 
It is important to express yourself and your passions in a way that many international students are not used to. I have worked with many Russian and Asian students who initially had a really hard time opening up and writing in a more emotional, intimate way. Eventually, those students submitted winning applications that paved their way to Ivy League and their dream universities.



Graduate Admissions to Master’s and PhD Programs

Help with your Dissertation

Help with your Academic Research

Help with your Master’s thesis


The flexibility of the US undergraduate educational system allows students the wonderful opportunity to change colleges, typically after the First or Second year of study. The decision to transfer, however, should not be taken lightly.

It is advisable to give yourself ample time and chances to adapt to your first university. Meet with student groups that share your interests; talk to people in your dorm; take walks in the neighboring area; participate in as many activities that you are interested in; apply yourself to your classes. If you had a fight with a roommate in the first month of your stay there or if you didn’t like one class or had a bad grade– there are likely insufficient reasons to transfer. If, however, you feel strongly over a period of time that the university is not the right fit for you then, by all means, you should consider transferring.

I will help you find the best fit for your potential and personality to shine. University education has to be meaningful and is a time to forge life-long friendships and to put the solid foundations to the rest of your career.

Together, we:

  •  analyze the challenges that you have in your current school and what other institution might provide a much better fit for your individual needs.

  • carefully go over your initial admission applications in order to identify what caused your admission into an unsuitable school, and correct whatever flaws your application has

  • Carefully consider your course of action: from the courses that you are taking at your present school to getting high-quality Professor Recommendations

  • Craft persuasive essays, which in style and content have to be quite different from your college admissions essays