Admissions Essays

Your Personal Statement, together with the Supplementary Essays in the Common App and Coalition App, can make it or break it when it comes to getting into the school of your dreams.

Why are application essays crucial for your successful admission?

Not managing to write truly engaging and unique essay can cost you the spot at a TOP 15 university, EVEN IF the rest of your application is stellar.
There are 4 main blocks that a successful college application depends on.

Your GPA, extracurricular activities and FOCUS, test scores, and Teacher Recommendations represent 3 of these blocks.

The fourth one, potentially the most significant one (depending on a number of factors), is your Personal Statement. It lets the Admissions Reader a chance to get to know you personally, as a human being rather than a collection of grades and activities lists. Second, of no less importance, are the Supplemental Essays, which are specific to each school and vary widely in size, number and topics. (Some as weird as “How are apples and oranges supposed to be compared?” by University of Chicago)

How is working with me unique?

Each student is different. There is no single formula or recipe that works for all.
Student have different life experiences, different personality types, different passions and ways of expressing themselves.
Some are more comfortable opening up to complete strangers; others have many layers that must be peeled off first before they can show their true colors and shine.
Leveraging an extensive Psychology background, together with Literary degrees and knowledge about many different cultures, I am able to tune in to each student's unique individuality and help them extpress their true voice.
In a series of deep discussions, we uncover the core of each individuality and the most powerful experiences that can create the most persuasive and emotionally compelling essay.

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admissions essays
  1. So you are at that point in your College Application when you have to write the College Admissions Essay.

Everyone knows that the essay, as well as the supplementary essays, is such a crucial part of your application. It gives you the chance to stand out. More than that, it has the power to persuade the Admissions Readers that you are the perfect fit for that college or university.

The essay, furthermore, is a chance for your Reader to get a glimpse into your personality. This is something that hard data- your exam scores, GPA, and other numbers- simply cannot provide.

Thus, the College Admissions Essay is your chance to shine, to stand out. You want to be unlike any other candidate. You want to give extra value to that college or university, that no one else can.

How can we accomplish this?

To begin with, just follow this simple rule: Be yourself.

The admissions readers expect you to be yourself and, more importantly, to be your best self.

(This, of course, means that your own voice, your own opinion, and your own intuitions are more important in the writing process than the opinions of parents, older siblings, and friends).

Furthermore, in order to succeed you have to be your most inspired, most positive, most mature self.

So, how does this work?

Naturally, there are many ways to start your essay writing process, and many manuals exist on the Internet.

I offer you a practical, workable, and clear approach that I believe gives the best results in the shortest amount of time.

It has worked for me and for many other students. My students have successfully applied to UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, Stanford, Boston University, Columbia University, and more.

It will work for you.

To begin with, I have put the 7 most important strategies that will guide you to ultimate success in this VIDEO.

If you prefer to read about the process, please check out my article on How to ACE your College Admissions Essays in 7 Simple Steps!

What is the final step in the process of crafting a superb admissions essay?

An experienced, empathic and creative tutor can help you express your best self in the most persuasive form. I engage in a deep and enjoyable discussion with you, study your psychological profile, and make sure that your greatest strengths and passions come to the surface and are expressed in a clear, concise, and inspired manner. 

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